Monday, December 19, 2011

Reverb 11 - Lessons

Lessons: What lessons did you learn about yourself this year?

Several key friendships have shifted this year, and I've surrendered to this evolution.  In a particular instance, I chose honesty over enabling a friend who was in deep trouble and need.  I chose taking care of myself instead of spinning in her illness and distortion.  I chose putting our friendship on the line for the truth, and it cost me.   Although deeply saddened by the loss of her presence, I recognize how much calmer my life is as a result.

Drama can be seductive, distracting, mask voids and make me feel important.  But in the end it's a charlatan, an energy drain. The absence of crisis can resemble boredom, an unsettling quiet calm, but I've come to value it.  I'm also aware of the space it creates for new people and experiences.

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