Monday, December 26, 2011

Reverb 11 - Gift

Name one gift that 2011 gave you; what treasure came your way gift wrapped in experience, that (maybe in hindsight) you want to hold onto and place on display?

I've received countless gifts in 2011, a serious abundance, received daily.  But there is one gift that stands out, significant in so many profound ways, and that's the gift of my business partner Sticks.  We named our company One-Two Punch, and people often ask which one of us is One and which one is Two.  Without discussion, we had the same response.  It's interchangeable, it's all about our combined efforts and not who comes first.  We stand side by side, literally and figuratively.

I've been craving this situation for most of career, and didn't even know it.  To work with a trusted friend whom I respect and love, and who inspires me is priceless.  Many of our conversations prior to launching the company were about quality of life, and infusing our company with the traits that are most important to us; communication, trust, integrity.  Interestingly, when I look back, I realize how long ago the seeds were planted for this manifestation.  I vividly remember the first time we met for lunch in 2005, sushi in the valley.  We talked about all the things that still connect us -- family, striving for balance, the desire to travel, and books that inspire us.  In fact, I immediately purchased one of Sticks' recommendations for an upcoming trip to Costa Rica.  The Universe is mysterious, it listens and provides in the most powerful ways.

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