Monday, May 31, 2010

In The Beginning

Here's to day one, night one actually.  Sometimes the whole day passes before getting around to those pesky things on my to-do list.  This notion -- a blog, a place for me to be creative -- has been floating around my head for some time now.  However, it seemed cliche and perhaps too late to jump on the blog bandwagon so I kept pushing the notion away.  But the notion was a nagging one.  What will I post in this space?  Who will read it?  More importantly, who will want to read it?  Perhaps no one, since for now it's my little secret.  A place for me to come and mark time with my meandering thoughts and photographs.  Lately, I've been a little obsessed  with my camera, a recent purchase to fulfill a life long desire to take pictures -- good pictures, artistic pictures, pictures that say something, pictures that capture a slice of the world as only I see it. After a five week introductory photography class I'm more comfortable with the endless bells and whistles on my Canon Rebel.  Missing the weekly assignments that forced me to wake up and shoot I joined a group on Flickr called 365 days.  I committed to a year of taking and posting self portraits.  Did I forget that I don't like looking at photos of myself when I signed up for the task?  How many "portraits" of my feet did I think I was going to want to take?  I've completed 23 days of the assignment and the lessons I'm learning aren't all about the camera.  There's much more time for that later.  The picture was taken at Topanga Days, a music and art festival in celebration of Memorial Day weekend.  Thankfully, it's not a self-portrait.