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"Love is awful. It's painful.  Frightening.
It makes you doubt yourself, judge yourself, distance yourself from the other people in your life.
Makes you selfish, makes you creepy, 
makes you obsessed with your hair.
It takes strength to know what's right.
And love isn't something that weak people do.
Being romantic takes a hell of a lot of hope"

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Noah Purifoy

Down a winding road off the main drag in Yucca Valley 
is The Noah Purifoy Desert Art Museum.
On this unseasonably cool and windy day the blue sky provided
a brilliant backdrop for a cluster of clouds to slip across the landscape.
Blooming desert senna and creosote swayed.
So much life in this vast arid climate. 

Crude structures, some spruced with a fresh coast of paint to welcome airbnb guests,
 populate the terrain.
This unforgiving setting is home to many drawn to the light and space
and in need of a cheap place to live.
In the late 1980s it lassoed Purifoy, a pioneer of outdoor desert art.
A parcel of 10 acres of land outside of Joshua Tree
became his collaborator. 
Over one hundred works of art, including large scale assemblages,
environmental sculptures and installations were created between '89 and '04.
Purifoy was interested in how the extreme desert climate 
would transform his work.  
The evolution of his art continues.

La Copine

The west has always beckoned pioneers.
I often get wistful when I stumble upon rebels who heeded the call 
and  took an abrupt left turn. 
In 2015, a couple living in LA, a chef and a musician, spent a weekend
in the high desert.  
After having their cells rejuvenated at The Integratron 
they heard about a shuttered restaurant for sale
for an astounding 30K.
It was more affordable for them to give up their lives in the big city, 
trade in their one bedroom apartment for a rented house, 
and buy the property.
Their restaurant, La Copine, on a dusty stretch of Old Woman Springs Road
(She was probably in her 40s)
 has created quite a disruption in the sleepy town
of Flamingo Heights.
Food critics from Vogue, The New York Times and Bon Appetit have made the pilgrimage 
and rhapsodized about the farm fresh inventive menu.  

Opened  from 2 to 7, we arrived at 2:11 to a crowded parking lot
and a lively group on the front patio drinking wine.  
Word has spread amongst locals, Los Angelinos, residents from the desert towns and guests staying
at nearby vacation rentals.
No one seemed deterred by the long, 2 1/2 hour wait.
We put our name on the list and drove to the nearby Purifoy Foundation 

Claire, the musician half of the couple, was our server.
A NJ native, she had the grace of someone who was witnessing their dream come to fruition. 
Roasted haricot vert with a tahini aoli, rock shrimp ceviche, 
buttermilk battered chicken on a bed of corn and leek hash
and coconut rice pudding with raspberry coulis, juicy orange slices and a dusting of salt.
Without a doubt the food was worth the wait.

I'm inspired by the changes happening in this area of the desert. 
Whispers in the wind are enticing a new group adventurers to root and build community.

Go west, young man!  Go west, young women! Go west and seize the day!  
Go west, young man!  Go west, young woman! Your dreams will guide your way!
Horace Greeley

Sunday, May 19, 2019