Saturday, June 17, 2017


In a movie montage, June in LA would be depicted by an outdoor screening
at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.
A veritable summer marker:
picnic on the Fairbanks Lawn while listening to a top DJ's latest mix.
This is just a precursor to the main course, the opening credits of a beloved Tinseltown flick.
Last night we screened The Usual Suspects.
Some find the event creepy, even sacrilegious, but I find it an apt way to pay tribute
to those who came before us to this strange city in the desert in search of telling visual stories.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Heidi Duckler Dance Troupe

Weeks ago, on Kim West's Instagram feed,
I saw arresting photos of her canvases in an abandoned swimming pool.
Curiosity piqued, I learned she was preparing the scenery for a dance performance.
That's how Scotch and I found ourselves trekking to Agoura Hills on a Saturday night, cooler filler with provisions, for an unexpected evening of experimental art.
Tucked into the Santa Monica mountains,
the round pool at the Peter Strauss Ranch was at one time the largest west of the Mississippi.
Drained, long ago, of water and frolicking children it remains a beautiful eyesore,
a relic of its former self.  
The unconventional setting was magical.
As the sound of ethereal bells filled the sunken amphitheater, 
three dancers, cloaked in bright robes and vintage bathing capes, 
descended the hill above the fenced in structure,
and made their way into the pool.
A stunning splash of movement and color as the sun set,
a flawless summer kick off.