Thursday, December 22, 2011

Reverb 11 - Belief

Believe:  What did you believe in this year?   Did your faith help propel you forward?  What do you want to believe in throughout 2012?

I believed in a combination of myself and the universe.  I've always had strong instincts and thankfully I trust them, more and more.  My faith definitely  propelled me forward, one day at a time, never getting too far ahead of myself.  I stayed focus on living in the moment, enjoying the ride.

I always want to believe everything will be okay, whatever that means, so a part of me wants to believe that for 2012 as well.  Silly belief, truly, since everything always is okay even when life takes me down an unexpected route.  I want to believe in love, the head-over-heels epic stuff.  I believe it's exists, but I think it's rare, a gift when presented to one in a lifetime.  Not sure I pulled this card from the deck this time around.

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