Friday, May 4, 2012


I love technology, and the ease it grants to communicate, seek information, compile photos and music, but when you live under a dark cloud of technological problems, like I have, technology equals frustration. Since I switched to Uverse a year ago I've had clicking on my phone line, and sluggish internet service. Two months ago, the problems escalated when I couldn't complete a ten minute call without being dropped. This is on my land line, the only service I get in the hills, making it difficult and frustrating to conduct business or personal calls. Some days I'd drive down the hill just to have a conversation on my cell phone. Several technicians came out to survey the problem, each had a different evaluation, but all concluded they weren't the one to handle the job. An incredibly tall technician finally committed to the task, untangled the messy wires and put in a surge protector, (if my heat was on while I was online, the power circuit blew). He seemed to have remedied my phone issues, but I still need to reboot the computer from the power source, my TV still pixelates, and the circuit still blows. Truthfully, I'm elated to be able to complete an entire phone call. One tech problem sort of solved, two to go.

I've also been dealing with an extremely slugglish computer. I pinpointed the problem to an old operating system. After several visits to the genius bar it was recommended I upgrade to Snow Leopard. I ordered the disk, but it crashed my computer during the install. Back to the geniuses I went, and this time the recommendation was a new hard drive. Thankfully I backed up my hard drive before the install. My computer is working, but still seems a bit slow and any photo taken during the month of June did not upload. Bizarre.

Lastly, to push me over the edge, last week, my wide angle lens stopped communicating with my camera. Thankfully, this didn't happen when i was i Africa. The repairman at Samys said this was a common problem with this specific popular lens. "Wasn't built well. Send lots of 'em back to Cannon." After the fact, pertinent knowledge that does me no good. I'd like for this back cloud of technological problems to move on. I've encountered enough frustration from these glitches, and a hefty price tag to fix them. Here's to brighter skies, and technological ease.

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