Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Outside My Window - Dar Es Salaam

Had an idea for a photography series during my first few hours in Tanzania. After arriving in Dar Es Salaam at 2 am, I checked into a motel miles from the airport, a place to pass the hours before my noon flight to Zanzibar. The ceiling fan shifted the muggy air overhead as I tried to sleep on the bed, a sheet pulled over a lumpy cushion. It was 2 pm the previous day in Los Angeles, so although dazed from travel I was too restless to sleep. I acknowledged the passing hours by the subtle changes outside my window. And then, the morning light filtered through the orange curtains like an ethereal beam through a stain glass window. Of course, I reached for my camera and within minutes I had to know what life was stirring outside my window. This is what I saw.





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