Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mad for these Men

I savor ever line, every look, every needle drop.  When it comes to MAD MEN my viewing habits are frozen in the 80s.  I have an appointment every Sunday night, no desire to wait 24 hours and view it a day later.  However, I admittedly record the east coast feed so I don't have to watch commercials.  I know, the irony, it's a show about advertising.  Anyway, I'm already grieving, in three weeks the penultimate season of MAD MEN will be over.  Don and Megan's marriage has been a trove of wonderful material and character exploration.  A spectacular, unexpected surprise.  Days after I view, the brilliant dialogue does cartwheels in my mind.  I delight in every witty, loaded sentence, packed with innuendo and insight, shining high beams on future plot. Here's a sampling from this season

Joan: "You and me in mid-town — you with that look on your face?"
Don: "What look, baby?"
Joan: "God, you're irresistible."
Don: "You know what this woman said to me once? 'I like being bad and going home and being good.'"

Roger: "They make wines for Jews and now they're making one they want to sell to normal people."

Mona: "I thought you married Jane because I had gotten old and then I realized it was because you had."

Roger: "It's very interesting but a lot of times you think people are looking at you, but they're not — their mind's elsewhere."
Don: "Lots of people that haven't taken LSD already know that, Roger."

Peggy's mom: "You know what your aunt used to say? 'You're lonely, get a cat. They live 13 years, then you get another one and another one after that. Then you're done."

Glen: "How's the city?"
Sally: "Dirty."

Megan: "I feel like I abandoned the team."
Don: "You feel bad because you got to take off and they had to work? I don't. There has to be some advantage to being my wife."

Harry: "They're projections. They're derived from reality, but they're hopes and dreams."

Joan: "My mother raised me to be admired."

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