Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Blogiversary

Two years ago I entered the blogisphere with trepidation. Wasn't it too late to jump on the trendy band wagon, and too cliche to admit to friends I was blogging? More importantly, what would I write about every day? I committed to it anyway, and here I am 730 days later. This is what I've observed:

1. I like a little structure. I have no desire to go back to my over scheduled life, but I like the daily task of blogging. I'm very aware if a day has passed and I haven't posted a picture or shared an opinion. Keeping up with it has never been a chore.  I enjoy it immensely, and it's become a part of my routine.

2. I'm a magazine junkie, or at least I was when magazines were a thriving business. In fact, when I graduated from college I coveted an entry level job in the industry. Although I interviewed at GQ, it was a gig at Barneys that became the first professional experience on my resume. So my blog scratches that old editorial itch. Every day is a new opportunity to curate the world through my eyes.

3. When I used to have a written day planner (tan leather, Coach circa 1992 that an ex's cat peed on in 2005) I liked to flip through the pages filled with the sum of my life penciled in hour by hour blocks. The blog is a much more satisfying documentation of my life, a daily souvenir with visuals commemorating an event, a thought, or a moment.

4. In the age of digital photography I no longer have printed snapshots in piles on my desk or displayed on my refrigerator.   My blog has become an unexpected repository for my images. I love having them organized in one place, easy to access, and forever stamped with time and place.

5.  My blog motivates me to take photos, and the photos motivate me to blog. A perfect relationship.

6. Travel, photography and blogging. Ideal combination. Blog as travelogue is a brilliant way to remember and document the details. I love to post when I'm away.

7. Other people read my blog. I know, it shouldn't be such a surprise, but it gets me every time when someone tells me they do so. It makes me feel vulnerable, and joyful. I may not spill every truth about myself in these pages, it is public after all, but everything I write is the truth.

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