Sunday, October 31, 2010

Unlikely Scenario

Last night several friends and I rallied, dressed up in costume, and went to a roadhouse bar in the high desert for a Halloween party.  Waiting to the last minute to commit to our alter egos, we spent several gleeful, mid-day hours sifting through racks at a local thrift store in search of the perfect accessories.  Make up was applied and masks were adorned before we drove to our destination.  Conversation in the car inevitably lead to the what-if-no-one-else-is-dressed-in-costume scenario which was highly unlikely since the party was advertised.  But as we peeked through the windows on our way to the door the improbable situation came to fruition.  Our entrance garnered stares from the jean and sweater wearing crowd as if we were an unwelcome reminder that it was indeed the Saturday night before Halloween.  We had instantly become those people, the ones who love to dress up for Halloween, when in truth we fall much more into the gray category.   During the next few hours two dozen or so other costumed revelers wandered into the bar for a drink and shelter from the frigid night air.  Across the packed barroom all it took was a smile and thumbs up to bond us with our brethren.

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