Wednesday, October 13, 2010

To Mine

The earth gave birth to the narrow metal capsule thirty three times, each one garnering cheers.  After seventy days trapped more than 2000 miles underground the Chilean miners were rescued.  Apparently, many conversations were had in the mine, including how the men would handle the media frenzy awaiting them.  Like the cast of FRIENDS, they agreed to only negotiate as a group.  No individual book, movie or US Weekly deals.  If Oprah is interested in interviewing one miner, she will have to arrange thirty three chairs on her stage.  A psychiatrist interviewed on a cable news program last night recommended the men return to their "normal" lives as quickly as possible.  After the parade, he cautioned,  they should go home to their families and sift through the trauma of this catastrophic event.  I'm most certain normal no longer exists for these men.  Their lives will be forever viewed through  the lens of before and after the accident.  However, I do hope after they get familiar with their new ipads and deposit the checks that have been rewarded to them, they resist the lavish trips and invitations to presidential palaces, and tether themselves to something stable.  As Dorothy knows,  there's no place like home.

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