Tuesday, October 26, 2010


At dinner tonight a friend mentioned her quest for community, and her heightened awareness that it was missing in her life.  I could relate, for in this city of suburbs, as I like to call Los Angeles, it's easy to feel untethered and disconnected.  So many of my actions directly correlate to fulfilling this same desire especially in the absence of a current professional tie in this one industry town.   It's the precise reason I've been driving twenty minutes to attend yoga classes at a small neighborhood studio in the valley.  I pass a dozen studios en route, but it is at this particular establishment I feel a kinship.   Although I derive oodles of pleasure from taking photographs I get equal amounts of joy from spending time with those whose share my passion whom I've met in classes, online groups or in the pages of blogs heralding the topic.  This very blog is another community I've created albeit an oblique one.  I could just as easily pull out my journal and jot down my thoughts for only my eyes to read, something I've done on and off for thirty some odd years, but instead I've chosen to make my thoughts public.  The occasional comment reminds me that others read my ponderous notions.  The invisible lines that bind me to an unseen community are like a spider's thread caught in the afternoon sunlight. We may enter and exit this world alone, but the journey is sweeter when shared.

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  1. they're far from ponderous. You are so succinct, it's hard to comment without holding forth longer than your pithy insights. Keep it up!