Sunday, October 3, 2010

Vacation Home

A vacation house turns into a home when it is teeming with friends who escape the city in need of emotional unwinding.  Meeting for coffee or a late afternoon BBQ  can't compete with the hours shared  in a communal living situation reminiscent of college.  Formalities are shed like layers of clothes before diving into the pool.  Meals are glorious, collaborative efforts.  Clean up, divided by eight, is an unrehearsed dance in the kitchen set to the weekend's soundtrack, an amalgam of various ipods.  Over Sunday brunch, the previous day is rehashed in shorthand, mere words setting off a domino effect of belly laughs.  The group is forever bonded.  As the weekend draws to a close piles of sheets and towels trade places with the contents that spilled out from unzipped bags and suitcases.  The arteries leading back to the city call to them.  Vacant of life, the home is once more a house.  Thanks to Craig for documenting the weekend with his iphone.