Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Two Roads

Personal growth isn't for cowards, just ask Don Draper who came precipitously close to confronting his demons this season. His dark journey could have served him well if he only had the guts to choose the alternative path, but when two roads diverged in a wood he took the familiar one.  His relationship with Faye represented a break from his self destructive patterns, a chance to be an average guy, an opportunity to get closer to his authentic self. Faye encountered a man whose interior life was much messier than his appearances would suggest. Yet, his panic attacks, benders and sullen moods didn't push her away, and for that she paid a price. When Don had the opportunity to restore his mythological image with Megan who seamlessly slipped into his perfect family snapshot he leaped at it with the fervor of boy cannonballing into a crowded pool.  Taking the easy road is anything but, as Don will most likely glean next season when the demons he pruned, but didn't uproot, propagate like weeds in his path.

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