Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Last week when the thermostat in my house registered a sweltering 92 degrees I found refuge in my air conditioned bedroom.  Shades drawn, cat by my side I read, worked, and chatted on the phone from the cool comfort of my bed.  Today the mercury is struggling to reach 65 degrees.  My sheets are chilled from the damp air as I crawl into bed once again seeking shelter, but this time from gray storm clouds outside my window.  The weather, like the traffic, is no longer predictable.  Relied upon patterns are useless.  Yesterday in Palm Springs it was 17 degrees below the average temperature.   At the top of the tramway the overnight low was 32 degrees.   Besides the glaring concerns about global warming, I like Mother Nature's unpredictability.  She constantly reminds me to let go of the expected, embrace life's surprises, and don't get too attached because like a storm front this too will pass.

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