Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I've experienced fourteen years of quarterly seasonal changes from my perch in the hills, but it's the annual autumnal sky which makes my heart swell.  I'm certain it's because it is this very late afternoon light that greeted me when I first walked through the front door as a potential buyer.  Having received a call from my real estate agent about a vacant house that had yet to be listed, a must see, I heeded his advice and rushed to the property after work.  The air was stale and the rooms suffered from being a recent rental.  The fading sun made it difficult to fully assess the environment, but after years of living in cramped, sunless New York city apartments the possibility of sun drenched rooms with access to multiple patios and decks offering a distant ocean view was intoxicating.  The sunset seduced me like an exceedingly handsome man on a blind date.  After a restless night, I returned to the site first thing in the morning to make sure the house was still as charming sans the magic hour glow.  And it was.

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