Thursday, October 7, 2010


For the past month I have endured a dreadful bout of sleeplessness.  I'd lie in bed exhausted, inhaling, exhaling, sheep fluttering above my brow, yet my mind wouldn't drift off into peaceful slumber.  I'd read, fill in the white squares of crossword puzzles, and stare at the black night sky.  Sometimes around 3am I'd fall into a shallow sleep, but within an hour I'd be up again, leafing through the book on my nightstand or checking the status updates on facebook.  Some nights I'd step outside into the cool air with my camera.   On other occasions I'd unload the dishwasher or fold laundry that had stopped spinning in the dryer hours ago.  Several days ago the insomnia subsided, and  I can barely stay awake past 10 o'clock. My eyes are heavy as they open to the first morning light.   The armature of insomnia has left my body leaving my spine limp and limbs lethargic.  An early morning yoga class is unfathomable.  Sleep beckons and I don't have the inclination to resist.

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