Sunday, April 8, 2012

Masai Warriors

Two young Masai Warriors, brothers and barely twenty, were our day guards in Dar. When they offered to unload our luggage from the car I was immediately struck by their beauty and traditional garb. As I got acquainted with the magnificent house taking in the simple beauty and the turquoise Indian Ocean views I registered Joey on the couch with his smart phone typing out an email. Outside, one of the brothers set up watch at the edge of the pool, long legs tucked under him, as he too stared at his phone furiously striking the keys on the board. Through out our stay, the brothers, descendents from a long line of warriors, obsessively played with their phone and frequently used it to photograph each other. One afternoon, Hahna approached me with a folded piece of paper, his email address written inside and asked for my phone number which he added to his contacts.

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  1. I'm keeping up with you and just binged on all your fotos. Isn't east africa amazing and inspiring and just incredible??? I am so excited for you and can tell from your posts that you are just drunk with inspiration. I am so so excited for you. Keep the posts coming!!!