Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cape Town

After a long heavenly sleep in Ian's comfy guest room I awoke to a gray drizzle common during autumn in Cape Town. Low clouds obscured Table Mountain, but this didn't deter us from sticking to our plans and driving the coast line. Stopped in Hout Bay for a coffee to chase away the chill and ascended Chapman's Peak as the clouds were burning off to a reveal a bright blue sky. Cape Town's natural beauty rivals anything I've experienced. Cliffs, coves, waves and tranquil fishing villages and towns. After the previous day of travel I was thrilled to get out of the car at The Cape of Good Hope and walk! We stretched our legs as we climbed the steps to the light house and continued on the light keeper's trail to the point. To the west the Atlantic ocean boomed, its large waves cresting near the shore. To the east the deep blue Indian Ocean was calm as a lake. I rested on the rocks, chatting and dozing, breathing in the beauty of the surroundings. We continued on the east side of the peninsula around False Bay to Boulders Beach, infamous for penguins, and stopped in Simon's Town to watch the sun dip behind the mountains. We continued on to Kalk Bay to Polana a surprisingly hip and trendy restaurant on the water. Live music made the atmosphere even more festive. The seafood was fantastically fresh, and My calamari tubes were grilled to perfection, seasoned with garlic and lemon. A side salad of arugula and avocado was the perfect complement. Every trace of Tanzania was gone -- the climate, the culture, the language, the landscape. The change felt abrupt, not necessarily unwelcomed, but slightly jarring.


  1. I know I already wrote this -- but your journey has me breathless. So much beauty.

  2. The beauty has been unbelievable. I'm in snapshot heaven!