Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lion's Head

I love to hike, in fact, few things make me happier so when Ian suggested a 45 minute "walk" I leaped at the opportunity. Instead of the very popular Table Mountain trail he recommended Lion's Head because the path wrapped around the base of the mountain offering 360 degree views. We took our time leaving the house and I foolishly didn't prepare for the hike in part because I didn't know what to expect. At the last minute I grabbed a small bottle of water and ate a piece of bread since it was nearing noon and I hadn't yet eaten. From the trail head, we started an immediate ascent up to the 2195 foot peak. The heart pumping and sweet were welcomed as was the amazing view of the city harbor on one side and the Atlantic coastline on the other. What I didn't anticipate was scrambling up the face of the mountain, a vertical climb at times dependent on chains and hooks to hoist myself up to the next ridge. Light headed and hungry I kicked myself for not being better prepared. Ive been eating well, lots of fresh fish for dinner, but breakfast and lunch are more dependent on carbs when I travel than when I am at home. I miss the stamina and balance I get from green juices, protein smoothies, vegetables and grains. Being hypoglycemic I also suffer from Indulging in a glass of wine at almost every meal. Vacation or not I need to take care of myself. We were rewarded with crisp, breathtaking views when we arrived at the peak. In the distance, Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned rose from the sea. Even on his beautiful day South Africa's dark history couldn't be ignored.

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