Friday, April 13, 2012

Long Travel Day

Left Arusha in a crowded shuttle van at 8am for the airport in Nairobi. Two hours into the excursion we crossed the border on foot, and paid for a transit visa which would allow us to be there long enough to catch our afternoon flight to South Africa. I spent the next three hours to Nairobi reading the absolutely brilliant Norwegian Wood by Murakami, listening to the soundtrack from Out of Africa while looking at the Kenyan landscape which admittedly brought tears to my eyes and sleeping. We had a pleasant seven hour flight to Johannesburg, where we switched planes before arriving in Cape Town, our final destination, at 11pm. Ian, L's former colleague from the London office, was kind enough to pick us up and let us stay with him and his family for the next next two nights. I tried to partake in polite banter, but all I could really focus on was sleep.






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