Friday, November 11, 2011


When it comes to decorating, very specific visions frequently appear in my mind.  Several years ago, when I purchased my PS house I immediately imagined a deep blue pool, inspired by those I'd seen in the Hamptons.  This costly cosmetic enhancement fell to the  bottom of my priority list, jettisoned for a slew of necessary renovations like a new roof and kitchen.  A month ago I was informed my pool had several serious leaks, and the only solution was to re-plaster the surface.  On the bright side, I could finally get the deep blue pool I always wanted.  I received three different bids, all recommending pebble tec, a man made surface composed of small stones more durable than regular plaster.  My request for old school plaster, and a deep blue color was met with resistance.  Nobody does that was the basic response.  I stuck to my guns.  Additionally, for an extra thousand for labor I could replace  the cheap purple tile border, a feature I never liked.   I drove to the nearest pool tile store, and went straight for the clearance section.  I like bargains for more reasons than just the price.  The limited selection makes decision making simple, and typically the merchandise is in stock.  For $3.25 a square foot I purchase a natural stone 1" square mosaic.  The results exceeded my expectations.  Ironically, the pool company has already recommended the plaster to several clients.

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