Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Light after the Storm

Of late, we've had a lot of varied weather in Los Angeles.  I hiked one afternoon, later than I should have, the consequence of ignoring the fact that the days are indeed getting shorter and shorter.   The sunset cast a purple hue over the mountains, and a warm Santa Ana breeze chased any chill that would typically accompany the onset of night.  Days later low hanging clouds gave way to hours of rain, the perfect atmosphere for staying in, finding comfort in various rooms while reading scrips and books that had piled up as attachments in Google docs.  The storm ended in the afternoon, and I watched the descending sun's patterns on the walls through out the house.  Simple days; nourishing, calming and productive occupy my week.  For years I sought balance between the demands of a satisfying career and a rich social life that provided connection and downtime.  I knew something had to give, and it did in a big way when I took two years off from work, but the goal, the dream, was to find balance while integrating these two parts of my life.  I wasn't sure how to achieve it, and I had many doubts it was even possible, but I didn't stop dreaming.  So the other day as I was chasing the light around my house with the camera, in awe of the beauty and thankful for the moment  I realized my dream was no longer a dream, but my reality.