Sunday, November 13, 2011

Desert Sun and Frittata

I don't have many go-to recipes, except when it comes to Sundays in Palm Springs.  Years ago, when friends started to make the weekend pilgrimage to the desert,  I often whipped up a frittata for Sunday brunch from the previous evenings' left over vegetables.  Efficient, easy and from the compliments,  satisfying.   The smell of sauteed garlic, ginger and a fresh pot of coffee is enough to get the late sleepers out of bed, and for those who have already scrambled up the mountain trail behind the museum the sustenance is a welcomed treat.  I prefer to lounge and cook, and eat under the blue sky than try to rally everyone to wait in a long line at a local eatery for brunch.  So the frittata has become a Sunday morning staple, and like a good friend, its always enjoed.

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