Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I was passionate about Lisa Ling's series OUR AMERICA when it was in development, so it's been a delight to watch the produced episodes.  I'm riveted by the diverse subject matters, but the episode about identical twins was my favorite.  Centered around the world's largest gathering of multiples in Twinsburg, Ohio, Lisa encountered many sets of identically dressed siblings, echoing the same sentiment: they were born with their soul mate.  Questions about separation was like asking if they could live without oxygen.  For two brothers, one fighting leukemia, this wasn't a hypothetical concept.  I can't imagine having a twin, or being so enmeshed with another human being, yet these portraits made me wonder what it would be like to experience the completeness they described.  I also wondered about their psychological well being:  Are they healthier because they inherently love themselves, as a result of loving their twin?  Are they more narcissistic?  What are the effects of being mirrored by someone who looks just like you?  Most certainly, my curiosity will lead to hours on the internet reading studies and articles.  I never take for granted my cyber-library, always available to answer any question or shed light on my many fascinations.

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