Thursday, June 2, 2011


Sometimes happiness can be bought.  Several days ago, for $6.99 I purchased a bunch of peonies at Trader Joe's.  Every day this week I have watched and documented the saturated coral buds blossom.  I'm particularly fond of the way the afternoon sun makes the petals translucent.  I can't walk by them without staring, admiring their beauty and grace.  Their presence in my living room makes me happy.  It's kooky, I know, but their splendor brings me joy.  Today the petals parted exposing a core of yellow stamens.  I try not to think about how quickly their prime will be replaced by drooping outer leaves, and instead I write on my to-do list:  Trader Joe's.


  1. We have them growing our yard. And I loved photographing them as they age!

  2. In NJ where I grew up we had tons of them. Wish I could plant them in LA. Enjoy their beauty!