Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Savage Beauty

Today I accomplished my work tasks -- phone calls, reading, and processing the many stories bouncing around my head, while walking around the city and getting a big dose of culture.  On my morning amble through Central Park I was entertained my numerous mommy and me classes.  To a rhythmic drum beat  kids in orange tee shirts jumped up and down.  Further along the path a group of toddlers shook tambourines.  Near the boat house, a harpsichordist gracefully plucked the strings of her gold instrument, and I wondered if she ever cursed while lugging the harp into the depths of the park.  The air was thick with moisture, threatening rain, and with impeccable timing big drops fell from the sky when I was just steps away from the entrance to the Met where I was meeting a friend.  Our conversation was circuitous as we wandered through the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibit.  Meticulously tailored costumes from collections constructed from razor clams, peacock feathers, and tartan plaid graced the galleries.  Gothic music, and mirrored walls enhanced the atmosphere.  This beautifully curated show highlighted McQueen's unique vision and confidence.  I was awed and inspired.  In the evening I met my cousin for drinks followed by a performance of the Motherfucker With The Hat.  The uber talented cast entertained from the opening scene.  My feet are sore, and unfortunately blistered from long walks through neighborhoods teeming with locals and tourists.  And my heart is full with love for this city I once called home.

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