Saturday, June 25, 2011

Let the Festivities Begin

My friend AT is incredibly generous, whip smart and beautiful.  In honor of her 50th birthday her and her husband gathered 150 of her closest friends to celebrate for three days in Sin City.  The invitation stated, "get yourself to Vegas, and we'll take care of the rest."  The rest included luxurious accommodations and an all encompassing list of activities.  The hours were filled with lavish sit down dinners, soaking up the sun poolside in a private cabana, a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon, multiple spa treatments karaoke, dancing to cover bands, invigorating yoga, and Cirque De Soliel.

I met AT 21 years ago when I interviewed her for a job scheduling promos at a fledgling comedy channel.  Over lengthy, analytical conversations about our pasts and aspirations for the future, our working relationship quickly morphed into a close friendship.  I remember the first time we made plans outside of the office, to meet at a museum, and she brought along her brother and a friend.  I soon realized one of AT's greatest traits is the ease in which she shares her fabulous siblings, delightful parents and extended group of close knit friends.  Some of the most cherished people in my life have resulted from these introductions.  The flawless execution of this incredible birthday celebration was amplified by the people I reconnected with, and the new associations I forged.

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