Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Unknown

Perched in our cozy, satellite office in the shadow of the studios,  my partner and I sit with writers listening to tales of passion, and exploring potential concepts for development.  Some meetings are like mini-history lessons about particular sects, professions or moments in time.  We share topics we're enthusiastic about some anchored by books or articles.  For the next several months we will live in the unknown, a state of pure potential and fervor.  Only time will reveal which encounter will lead to more, which moment will be retold as the genesis of something greater.  I recently read about one of the primary differences between life and the afterlife.  Seemingly, in the astral plane the soul is all knowing.  The soul has complete memory and awareness and can manifest anything in an instant.  When the soul is in the body this knowledge is veiled.  It's only in the human form that we can experience the now, and embrace the beauty of not knowing.  Although waiting can frustrate me, so many wonderful moments in life are about the unfolding.  I realized what I love about this time in my life is the joy of anticipation, not knowing which conversation will lead to success, but trusting one or more of them will.

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