Monday, May 23, 2011

More Housecleaning

Perhaps it's the season, or just my desire to clear space for my next adventure, but today I kicked housecleaning up a notch by having my rugs and couch professionally cleaned.  Small stains, many souvenirs from parties, and years of Monkey returning from a romp in the dirt to sit at my feet on the couch have left my furnishings dull and soiled.  Vacuuming was no longer doing the job.  Living in an organized, clean environment soothes me.  Thus, when my surroundings are chaotic, clutter strewn in all corners, I feel off kilter.  Today I also began a week long, liquid fast.  The simultaneous internal and external cleansings are coincidental, or at least unconscious, but certainly complement each other.  I'm slightly anxious about the endeavor, but eager to experience the results.   My morning hunger was satiated by a delicious smoothie -- green powder, blueberries, mango, flaxseed, almonds, coconut water and almond milk.  I'm chasing the morning chill away with a hot cup of tea and hoping the gray sky turns blue before the day is over.

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