Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Moving On

I love the holidays, they're like one big theme party that the whole world is in on.  I applaud the neighbors who, the day after Thanksgiving, fasten twinkling lights to the eaves of their roofs.  I admit to programming the easy listening station with the continuous loop of Christmas music for thirty days.  I even enjoy the challenge of keeping the-get-it-all-done anxiety at bay, while enjoying the heightened seasonal energy.  Most importantly, I indulge in reflection induced by another year coming to an end.  But when it's over, it's over.  I can't bear another crooner dreaming of a white Christmas, or a cookie with  green and red icing.  Come January 2nd, I'm ready to move on, kiss the holiday goodbye and park the dry pine tree at the curb.  I like a clean page, I crave a return to normalcy.  Time is a man-made construct, endings and beginnings the result of a desire to bundle moments together in tidy units.  The holidays suspend time, but when they're over I'm ready to get off the sideline and jump back in to every day life.

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