Monday, January 9, 2012

Alone Again, Naturally

One of the first blogs I read religiously was Dominque Browning's Slow Love Life.  I bookmarked it after I was captivated by her book of the same name.  I immediately related to her jobless plight, her emotional and physical wanderings, and the joy she derived from the small moments in life.  After reading her essay in the New York Times, Alone Again, Naturally I was struck by how significantly I relate to another aspect of her life: her single status.  Dominique knows the benefits of being single, and why I'm not so apt to change my status any time soon.  And yet . . .
if we were lucky enough to fall madly in love with someone again, we would gladly trade in our single ways and hitch up.  But the key word is “madly. . . 
 So true.  Her reflection was induced by a spill she took outside of her house, alone.  During the seconds she was immobile, she had the following ephiphany:
A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. Now I understand why a man needs marriage like a fish needs water.

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