Thursday, January 19, 2012


There's a place in my heart that is tender, a place in my heart where Monkey lives.  The house is alarmingly quiet without his purring.  The last few days he's been out of sorts, lethargic, so even thought I know how much he hates being in a car, I bundled him on my lap this morning and drove him to the vet. They called me in to an exam room, alarmed by his critical heart condition.  I tried to convince them that was due to panting during the twelve minute car ride, not the reason I brought him in.  X-rays revealed a mass in his spleen and an enlarged heart.  I signed paperwork for a potential three night stay, tests, an ultra sound and possible surgery.  I handed over my credit card for what could have been an extravagant shopping spree.  Of course, I'd spend a lot more than I forked over if it'll make Monkey feel better and bring him home.

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