Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Hundred Day Project - Week Three

There are a million inspirations in a single photograph.
A color, an object, a mood, a perspective
can trigger an image.
Some threads are more literal, others more abstract.
From Mad Whip's photo of the tram reflected on the side of a building
I was drawn to the telephone wires as they emerged from a foggy sepia drenched morning.
Her line drawing lead me to more wires, this time they were barbed.
The grayish green monochromatic building rising from the corner of the photo
influenced the close up of the greyish green cactus growing in my garden.
The trees reflected in the glass doors of the brownstone
brought me to the lake in Echo Park
to capture the glorious lotus blossoms
reflected in the water.
Purple induced blue.
And Picasso's cubist woman
provoked an off kilter self portrait.
This project makes my heart sing!

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