Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sign of The Times

Beautiful sunset hike equipped with only my iphone, too gorgeous to let the moment pass.
Mesmerized by the stark silhouettes against the blazing sky,
I snapped.
Only later did I realize, and chuckle, that I captured the undeniable pose of someone taking a selfie.
 The historical significance of the selfie is too early to define.
I admit I cringe when I see teens or tourists or anyone for that matter obsessively taking photos of themselves. 
Yes, I am overly sensitive to narcissism, but is this a positive global trend? 
What will become of these often banal digital images?
  Unlike other forms of portraiture they are not motivated by artistic expression,
but by making a stamp in life's daily passport which is often shared online.
This is where I am.  This is what I look like today.
Look at me.
As technology and platforms evolve so will the selfie,
and with it will come a perspective that I can't fully glean today.

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