Monday, June 29, 2015


There is a tunnel, below the Sixth Street Viaduct,
that leads to some of the most iconic Los Angeles landscape.
Power lines, art deco bridges and skyscrapers,
 immortalized from this vantage point in many films,
  hearken back to the city's early industrial age.
The lap of water flowing across the concrete river banks
 added an odd tranquility
to a place that is on the brink of major redevelopment and change.
The transformation is palatable.
This summer the viaduct will be demolished
and construction on a new bridge will commence,
 further transforming the Arts District and Boyle Heights.
Pedestrian walk ways, bike paths, and public parks will grace this part of the city displacing the homeless campers, and bringing more foot traffic to a city known for the automobile.
I'm a believer in change,
but there is something about being on the cusp of such major transformation that is equal parts exhilarating and unnerving.
There's a timelessness to this area of the city,
 but it is definitely overdue for renewal and rebirth.

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