Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Has Technology Made Us More Creative?

The world is bursting with artists as evident by The 100 Day Project hashtag on instagram.
Were we always this creative?
Were our doodles just hidden in margins of to-do lists, and
our photographs strewn in boxes on shelves in the back of the closet, or
has technology given us more tools to create and therefore made everyday artists out of the masses?
I know, without a doubt, digital photography has made it easier
for me to express my creativity, and create community with my images.
The art being generated by this project is amazing.
Every second new images of calligraphy, drawings, and poems are uploaded.
I'm only on day three, but I'm already invigorated and curious about what the process will reveal.
Today's photos are ones that I didn't post, a happy byproduct of the project.

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