Saturday, July 21, 2012


Every year summer seems to get shorter and shorter.  Three months evaporate in a blink of an eye.  I've readjusted my goals, infused them with a dose of reality; have one backyard BBQ, bake one fruit pie, go to one outdoor function.  Given the turn of events these past few weeks, even those objectives started to seem impractical.  Driving back and forth to the hospital, I could easily spot neighborhood gatherings by the congregation of cars on a given street.  Summer was already in full swing, for others.  Coping with my father's illness has evoked considerable emotion and tears, but it hasn't been depressing.  If anything, I've been more present, more connected to the pleasures in life.  So my first weekend back in LA I seized the opportunity to bake a peach pie, grill some chicken and invite friends over.  It felt like summer.

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