Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jesus in LA

I've seen friends' photos on facebook of Jesus walking the streets of Los Angeles in a white flowing robe.  The skeptic in me brushed him off as just another costumed guy in Tinseltown, blending in perfectly with the caped super heroes and Marilyn Monroe look a likes.  But from the many pictures Jesus wasn't just a fixture on Hollywood Boulevard in front of Grauman's Theater, he got around.  He liked to eat hot dogs, visit LACMA, and relax at the beach.  How come I've never bumped into Jesus? Is this the work of photoshop or are these Jesus sitings for real? Before jealously had time to set in, I was on a new page, and Jesus was relegated to the recess of my mind. I was stunned when he appeared unexpectedly at an outdoor funk concert last night at California Plaza.  His presence went unnoticed by some, and caused a stir among others.  Jesus walked among us, through the crowd, stopping for hugs and handshakes.  I smiled and chased him with my camera.

Tomorrow I'll be with my father again.  What will he say when I tell him I saw Jesus?  Will he tell me he has seen him too? The last few nights my father has been calling for me.  Yesterday I spoke to him on the phone and reassured him I'd see him soon.  He was joyful, told me he was wonderful.  I know it's hokey but I was comforted by my run in with Jesus last night.  I took it as a sign.  The transition has begun.

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  1. I saw him in West Hollywood. I had to look hard to confirm he was truly walking down Fountain -- and I, also, felt somewhat reassured by Jesus amongst us.