Monday, July 9, 2012


 Ever since my father was readmitted into the hospital he's been speaking less and making very strange sounds.  He has dismissed "ow", a universal expression of pain, for hooting like an owl.  He's also partial to "weeee" like a child happily amused in a playground.  The sounds are often loud, and seem to surprise him.  He rolls his eyes and asks, "was that me?"  Yes!  We laugh at these turrets-like outbursts, but it's clear this is his way of coping with extreme discomfort.  Although distress has slipped over his face like a sad clown mask, he's still playful, and very distracted by pretty women and shiny objects.  He stared at my cousin's short skirt and tan legs, winked and proclaimed, "you're sexy".  When he winked at the Eucharist minister who was offering healing prayers, she blushed and lost her place in the scripture.

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