Saturday, June 18, 2016


I'm a big proponent of celebrating milestones.
My mother was slow to commit to an 85th birthday party,
but once she did the list kept growing, and her excitement shifted into high gear.
Throwing a party for her was the perfect gift
since the love of entertaining is a present she gave me.
Growing up, occasions were marked by dinner parties and backyard BBQs 
with family and friends devouring my mother's food.

Four days prior to my mother's birthday, I arrived in NJ to prep for the celebration.
Side by side, we shopped, chopped, cooked, and rearranged furniture.
The neighbors got involved lending folding chairs, a kitchen aid mixer, and refrigerator space.
Their calls were steady asking if we needed anything else.
We laughed, sang to Sinatra and Dinah Shore and kept crossing off items on my to-do list.
After long days in the kitchen I was much more exhausted than she was.
How is that possible?

The day arrived, sunny and warm.
The guests were prompt flooding into the house with birthday wishes and hugs.  
Many of my mother's friends are from my childhood, 
and it was a highlight for me to spend an afternoon in their company.
Not surprisingly, we had too much food, and could have fed another 40 mouths.
Doggie bags are the new gift bags.
Happy 85th Birthday Mom!
I love you!
Looking forward to your 100th extravaganza.

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