Sunday, May 8, 2016

Go West Project - Richard


Richard is another friend I initially met through my brother.
I think of him as a new friend, but in truth, we've known each other for 8 years.
We met when I was in between gigs, and hadn't yet started my company.
A shared passion for art, architecture, the east side of LA, and travel
guaranteed easy conversation.
He had me down for the count, laughing uncontrollably
when he told me about tripping an airport DEA sting.
Pre 9/11, he innocently stashed a small amount of pot in his sock
in hopes of stimulating his ailing father's appetite.
A drug sniffing dog, on a blind man's leash,
was immediately on to him, setting the operation in motion.
Our friendship has led to collaborating on two projects.
One was so close to a green light, we started to taste the dream.
A last minute derailment was soul crushing.
Thankfully, we're resilient.

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