Friday, May 13, 2016

Discovery Park

Walking into the Mercer Island QFC
a gregarious woman stopped in front of us and blurted out, "Are you sisters? You look alike."
We look nothing alike.
"Yes", I replied.
"You're in harmony", she added with a wide mischievous grin.
Her observation made us giggle like teenagers as we selected yellow squash for dinner.

I have no doubt that after 40+ years of friendship
our connection is perceivable to the naked eye.
There is no way of knowing that the first grader you hang out with during recess,
or the girl you share french fries with in junior high
will be forever coiled in your life.
As we sat in AM's magnificent wooded back yard,
half moon rising over flowering rhododendrons,
sounds of animals scurrying in the bushes,
I looked at these two women by my side and was in awe of all that they had become.
They are more than friends, they are women I respect and adore.
They are accomplished, worldly, interesting, and interested.
 Perhaps what amazes me most is how, when we're together, we continue to discover
 things about each other and ourselves.
The latter is through a unique lens since so many key experiences involve each other.
There's an ease and comfort that comes from being known and seen so deeply and purely.

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