Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Hundred Day Project Completed

The last four days of The Hundred Day Project,
Mad Whip and I chose not to use each other's posts as inspiration.
We shot blind, and observed our psychic tuning.
Not surprisingly, there were obvious elements linking our images.
Or perhaps it's just easy to find a thread after the photo is taken.
It made me wonder if that's what we do in life;
find patterns, link cause to effect as a way to make sense of the chaotic unknown
that unravels in 24 hour increments.

When the project started, I was excited to see where I'd be in 100 days.
Would my photography have changed?
Would my life?
Through repetition and experimentation, my photography did change.
Happy accidents resulted from always being on the look out and having my camera with me.
But I also went in search of ideas and created specific moods.
With regards to my life, I was hoping there would be more change.
A calm restlessness has permeated these months.  
How does one surrender without giving up?
Pursue opportunities while remaining open to all possibilities?
A daily tight rope to cross.
The constant during these hundred days has been picking up the camera.
Posting and stringing together a visual narrative with Mad Whip
has been an outlet for my internal apprehension.

My last image is of an art installation in MacArthur Park called Spheres.
3000 inflatable globes resembling beach balls were painted by children 
and filled the fallen-out-of-favor downtown lake.
The project hopes to draw Angelenos back to the park.
The non profit organization behind the installation is 
Portraits of Hope.
The perfect title for my hundred days project.

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