Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Ennis House

Was lucky to tour Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis House today.
Gorgeous concrete structure rising like a Mayan temple in the hills overlooking Hollywood.
Wright was not a skilled engineer, nor did he seem to care if his homes were uninhabitable.
Prior to occupation, the house leaked, and has continued to leak for 90 years.
Wright's solution, "Get a bucket.", 
was not well received, and the Ennis' fired him.
Completing the house they veered from Wright's vision, and added
 marble floors and wrought iron details which made the architect seethe.
Forty years later he was rehired by a new owner to add a pool and billiard room.
The current owner is restoring the house with many of Wright's original details and furnishings.
The major undertaking is making the house impervious to leaks.
Four years into the restoration project,
problems are being solved as new issues are being discovered.
Years away from being completed, the house will most likely never be a residence again, but a living museum to FLW's vision and stubbornness.

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