Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Bates Motel

French artist Vincent Lamouroux has turned Silver Lake's
dilapidated old motel at Sunset and Bates
into a temporary public art space called  Projection.
The structure and trees were sprayed bright white with an ecologically safe limewash.
It's intended to both attract attention and disrupt the colorful "commercial landscape" that surrounds it on this part of bustling Sunset Boulevard.
Based on the number of people who are stopping to take in the sight,
it seems to be doing both.
The building has been vacant for decades and will be demolished soon
to make way for a 122-unit building with 5,000 square feet of combined retail and restaurant space,
a 4,519-square-foot gym/recreational space for residents,
and 165 parking spaces in two levels of underground parking.
Read:  more traffic.

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