Monday, July 15, 2013

Photography Project

Perhaps coincidental, perhaps not, but during my "rainbow" project the Supreme Court overturned DOMA.  Just saying.  Anyway, my eight week self-imposed task, designed to encourage me to pick up the camera everyday and play, yielded some interesting results.  Often the color of the week mirrored my mood, honing in on a color changed the way I saw things, and colors became harder to differentiate.  Orange and red bleed together, as did violet, indigo and blue.  I struggled more than I anticipated completing the assignments.  I was dissatisfied with a lot of my photos, they were obligatory, uninspired, and often looked different than I imagined.  Conversely,  one of my all time favorite photos resulted from this endeavor.  A happy accident, taken to complete a day, but when I uploaded the images I was pleasantly surprised by a particular shot.  I almost gave up during indigo, and was surprisingly charmed by yellow.  I felt sullen during the week dedicated to blue, and easily irritated during red.  Days I resisted the project echoed deeper inner struggles.  Sometimes picking up the camera helped, other times it underscored my feelings of discontent.  Overall, this has been an unsettling, transitional time in my life.  Not what I planned, or hoped for, but I try to remain open to all that is possible, and trust that I will make the best decisions.  I want to succeed at taking better photos, and at making my dreams come true.

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