Sunday, July 31, 2016

Go West Project - Tommy

On the count of three,
Point to the sign.
Just one more.
Tommy was growing weary of starring in his mother's Instagram feed.
He couldn't walk in a park, eat a meal, or open a present
without the experience plastered online for the world to see.
Tommy's mother started a blog when he was a baby.
He has been photographed longer than his oldest memories.
Recently,  he started to hide behind his hands, pout instead or smile,
but his mother told him people paid her money for this images.
He was her brand, whatever that meant.
Without these photographs she wouldn't have an award winning blog or a coffee table book.
Would he prefer not to have video games, or weekly gelato?
So even though he didn't want to,
he smiled and stood still
and let her take his picture in front of The Hollywood Sign.

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