Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Go West Project - Amber

Amber and several of her friends are turning 40 this summer.
Back in December, they decided to celebrate this milestone with box seats at The Hollywood Bowl.
Coordinating everyone's schedules and agreeing on who to see was harder than they expected,
but after multiple emails there was a consensus: Sting and Peter Gabriel.
Earlier that day, a narcissistic coworker had gotten the best of Amber's spirits. 
Her mood was further challenged by traffic and a $45 Uber ride.
Elle's advice, to just let it ago, was well-meaning, but if she heard another zen quip from her friend,
she might just have to punch her.
A glass of champagne took the edge off and Amber found herself relaxing for the first time that day.
She felt special as the guard escorted them to their box.
The seat next to her remained empty until after the rock stars claimed the stage.  
A wisp of a woman in a black cotton dress and dark statement glasses slipped in.
  She made eye contact with Amber, who immediately looked away,
when she realized the familiar face belonged to Courtney Cox. 

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